What's coming in 2020 for Real Estate?

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What's coming in 2020 for Real Estate?

Today, we talk about what kind of market we can expect in 2020 with Christian Walsh.

DEBBIE: Hi, this is Debbie Lewandowski. Welcome to the Debbie Lewandowski Show. Today, I’m here to talk about what we expect in 2020 with my friend & colleague, Christian Walsh.

CHRISTIAN: Well I am so honored to be on the Debbie Lewandowski Show – Someday, I’ll have you on the Christian Walsh Show to reciprocate.

DEBBIE: I’d like that!

CHRISTIAN: So we’re talking about 2020, and all bets are off. We know it’s an election year. One of the things we were discussing and we’re excited about is….If you think about any crime movie: In EVERY crime movie, in order to steal something big, you have to create a giant diversion.

DEBBIE: You do.

CHRISTIAN: What’s great about 2020 is, we are absolutely guaranteed a massive diversion with the election and all the things around it. So it doesn’t matter what side you’re on!

DEBBIE: Nope. Its going to be a circus.


DEBBIE: So what happens when we have that much diversion in the market? What are we going to tell our buyers?

CHRISTIAN: All the buyers are going to be worried and they’re going to be sitting on the sidelines thinking, ‘Well, we want to wait until the election is over, we want to get through this.’  But there’s a HUGE DIVERSION. That’s what you want! This is probably going to be one of the best buying seasons we’ve had since at least the bust. So we’re super excited about 2020 for that reason.

DEBBIE: We are! And what are we going to tell our sellers, Christian?

CHRISTIAN: Well, the sellers….You can't have a buyers and sellers market at the same time.

DEBBIE: Well you can try to have a buyers and sellers market at the same time. (laughter)

CHRISTIAN: Yeah – there will be people who need to sell no matter what. So those people are just going to have to sell. But, if those people want to move up, or move down: Sell. And get a good deal on the buy.

DEBBIE: Right. So let’s say that I also have a tax base that I’m concerned about. Is it a good time for me to move my tax base?

CHRISTIAN: Property tax? Yes. It would be a great time for that

DEBBIE: Good. So 2020 – We’re looking at an incredible opportunity to be a buyer in our market, and be an investor in our market. I think that what we see right now is: the “smart” money is already making moves. [Coldwell Banker] has sold some very high-end properties recently. And that’s always a good indicator that, you know, when the populist buys, the “top” money always holds off; but when the “top” money is buying…THAT’S the time that “smart” money buys.

CHRISTIAN: Exactly. Alright 2020! Can’t wait for this diversion – it’s going to be exciting.

DEBBIE: We’ll see how it goes!