What is Proxio for Luxury Property Specialists?

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What is Proxio for Luxury Property Specialists?

Learn about Coldwel Banker's unique platform "Showcase & Connect" by Proxio. It's a powerful way to connect with Luxury Property Specialists around the world and expand your Real Estate profile.

DEBBIE: Hi this is Debbie Lewandowski. Welcome back to The Debbie Lewandowski Show. I’m here with Kristal Docter. Kristal and I are talking about new opportunities for Luxury Real Estate agents and today at the office meeting, Kristal, you mentioned something called “Proxio.”

KRISTAL: Proxio – yes. It’s a program that’s been in Beta testing for a year or so and it is specifically targeted towards our Luxury Property Specialists.  So if you are “Luxury Property Specialist” Certified, you are certainly going to want to check it out.  It allows you to showcase your luxury properties (your luxury listings) as well as connect with other Luxury Property Specialists throughout the entire world (not just the nation).

DEBBIE:So if I’m a Luxury Specialist already in the Newport Beach office and I want to connect with people in Manhattan, this is a way to do that?

KRISTAL: Absolutely – for sure. Manhattan, Madrid, Europe – anywhere. Any of the Luxury Property Specialists that are working across the globe, you can connect with. It’s sort of like a LinkedIn for Luxury Property Specialists.

DEBBIE: I love that! So, can we exchange information? What happens?

KRISTAL: Absolutely. You can share your listings, you can connect with someone. – Maybe you have a buyer here that’s looking for a listing across the country and you don’t know how to start the process. It allows you to connect with them. It is also accessible in almost any language.


KRISTAL: So you can sign up on SalesPro through your Desk dashboard, or, I sent an email out earlier so you can just click on one of the dates on my email.

DEBBIE: Sounds great – thanks Kristal!