Tim Smith & Casey Lesher on 1038 White Sails Way

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Tim Smith & Casey Lesher on 1038 White Sails Way

Two of our top performers Tim Smith and Casey Lesher talk about their collaboration on 1038 White Sails Way, Corona del Mar. This signature residence is "An Acumen of Magnificence" and favorably positioned on one of Corona del Mar’s superlative lots

DEBBIE: I am the luckiest Real Estate Manager in the world – I work for Coldwell Banker and these are my two top performers in the world! We’re here today at the beautiful, refinished listing of 1038 . . .

TIM: 1038 White Sails!

DEBBIE: 1038 White Sails! – Thank you Tim. And we are hosting a big party, so tell me quickly: how did you guys happen to work on this together? I’m pretty sure it’s the collaboration that happens in the office, but why else might it occur?

TIM: I’m just lucky. I’ve been trying to be on Casey’s Team for years and somehow, I got thrown into this, so I’m just happy to be here!

CASEY: And I was trying to get on Tim’s Team! So I guess we’re both lucky.

DEBBIE: It’s true :-)  So tell me a little about the property tonight – what are we doing here?

CASEY: Well, we’ve been working on this project for…what, a year now? Eighteen months?

TIM: It was supposed to be completed 12 months ago

CASEY: (laughs) It was supposed to be completed 12 months ago, but we’ve been intimately involved with this for some time and tonight is the grand reveal. The home is spectacular – we’ve had the best of the best involved with this project and we’re showing it off tonight.

TIM: And I would just say: From the team is Andrew Patterson | Patterson Custom Homes; Lindye Galloway – amazing Designer; Chris Brandon – the Architect. In Real Estate, it’s about “Location. Location. Location.”  When you have a great home, it’s about “Connection. Connection. Connection.” So we’re putting these two [strategies] together

DEBBIE: I’m sure that Mr. Patterson is extremely pleased to have both of you on the team. We’re excited to be on his team too. (To camera audience) We’re going to show you the views in just a moment. Gentlemen, any reason why this property shouldn’t just go immediately?

(Casey shakes his head "no")

CASEY: People pay for perfect.

DEBBIE: They do! Like this house.

TIM: And we’re expecting multiple offers, so we listed it "really low" (laughs)

CASEY: $10 million dollars!

DEBBIE: Smart move. Thank you!