Shift Your Mindset: Interviewing Monica Carr

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Shift Your Mindset: Interviewing Monica Carr at Tom Ferry Success Summit

Monica Carr is a Top 10 Coldwell Banker Agent in North America. So yea, she's a big deal. We had the honor of interviewing her at Tom Ferry's 2019 Success Summit! Monica discusses her favorite takeaway from this year: SHIFT your mindset.

DEBBIE: I am privileged to be here with Monica Carr, from the Newport Beach office of Coldwell Banker. Monica!

MONICA: Hello Debbie!

DEBBIE: It’s always fun to spend time with you.

MONICA: It is.

DEBBIE: Tell me – I had the privilege of sitting next to you up in the “hot seats” in the front this time, and a lot of work happening up there!

MONICA: I loved all your markers and your highlighters

DEBBIE: I will show [everyone] some of my notes later.

MONICA: [You] take awesome notes.

DEBBIE: I do! And they’re all color-coded for all our teams, so some teams have one color, your team has a different color. I took LOTS of notes for you.

MONICA: …oh my goodness… I’m skurred.

DEBBIE: Yes! So in our coaching sessions this week, you can get ready.


DEBBIE: And I happened to see your [Tom Ferry] coach today. What do you want to say to Debbie Holloway?

MONICA: (referring to Debbie Holloway) Debbie, I will never miss another call, I promise.

BOTH: (laughter)


MONICA: (referring to Debbie Holloway) I love you – thank you for putting up with me and just for everything you’ve done this past year.

DEBBIE: She’s awesome


DEBBIE: But what’s your big takeaway? I mean, you’ve been through so much growth in the last year or so and you’re just on a rocket ship to the next place, so what’s your big takeaway from Tom this year?

MONICA: You know, I enjoyed yesterday’s exercise with the Limiting Beliefs.

DEBBIE: Yea, I saw you crying over there.

MONICA: Yes I was – but I’m a crybaby. Anyway, it really helped to recognize and call yourself out on the lies you’re telling yourself all the time. We do it all the time, without even realizing or recognizing it. Just changing those truths and those statements that you tell yourself, [which] Tom repeated today, is what you tell yourself you’re going to believe


MONICA:  So instead of saying “I’m not good enough,” – Say “I’m a Rockstar!”


MONICA: Say “I GOT this. I can do it.” So that’s going to be my takeaway from here. And you can’t just say “oh, I’m going to work on it….I’m going to try.” It’s a pivot. You have to make a shift in your mindset and just say “Okay: From now on, NO MORE.”

DEBBIE: You’ve got a lot of fantastic new things in your personal life. I happen to know that you’ve just bought a new house in Corona del Mar. Congratulations!!

MONICA: Thank you! Thank you Debbie.

DEBBIE:  So does this Summit translate into something you’re going to change in your personal life?

MONICA: Well of course. It’s going to translate into everything. I think it starts with your personal life.

DEBBIE:  Good call.

MONICA: Because in this business, if your mindset isn’t good in your personal life, you’re not going to do any business. And that’s what I learned years ago when I started coaching. My coach – initially when she saw what a train wreck I was, she started with my mindset; and [we] started with the morning routine, and working out, and reading 10 pages of a good book. Tom Bilyeu and Tom Ferry are always giving us new titles to read. I’ve already downloaded some new Audibles to read. So I think going forward, it’s got to start personally with your inward growth and that’s going to be exponential in your business.