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C Your Future • B a Star | A Fireside Chat With Jamie Duran

I had the pleasure of catching up with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage | SoCal President, Jamie Duran to discuss Coldwell Banker's new branding. View our video to see the full interview.


DEBBIE: Jamie, you were gracious enough to bring Tim Foley (Executive VP of Operations) over to us recently and he did some wonderful feedback sessions with our staff. And of course, we had David Marine. David Marine is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Coldwell Banker, the brand. So you and [David] presented this fantastic thing, and what was his big reveal?

JAMIE: Well, there were a few big reveals, but the main big reveal was our new Coldwell Banker brand. We have a ‘C’ and a ‘B,’ and we have a star, and “Coldwell Banker” underneath. It is just beautifully laid out – we framed it, and it lays out beautifully on signs, on everything - even scarves & hats & cufflinks!

DEBBIE: The boys all want the cufflinks.

JAMIE: Yes! It’s really great. It’s really exciting. The story behind it is… Well! I don’t want to give it all away, but let’s just say there is a 2-minute video that really delivers everything about what the star means to Coldwell Banker. We are the only Real Estate company that has the star.

DEBBIE: I’ll tell you something that resonated with me. It was when David [Marine] said the ‘C’ is “C Your Future, B a Star”


DEBBIE: That was pretty powerful.

JAMIE: It’s great stuff. And really, for us, it was all about rebranding a new, hip vibe. And also to make sure it fit into the mobile world of what we’re doing.


JAMIE: And [the brand] is all evolved. I mean, that original brand obviously is still us. In the beginning, it was about 1971 when [the original logo] was originated. It was the ‘Star Wars’ font, and we all love Star Wars, but it was time to hip it up and change it. It looks crisp, and clean, and fresh, which is great.  We’re excited.

DEBBIE: It looks really really really good