Agent X: Your New Voice Assistant

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Agent X: Your New Voice Assistant

Today, Marketing Specialist, Kristal Docter fills us in on some of the game-changing initiatives happening at Coldwell Banker. This one is awesome! Coldwell Banker agents now have a new, FREE voice assistant called Agent X, powered by Amazon Alexa

DEBBIE: Hi this is Debbie Lewandowski. Welcome to the Debbie Lewandowski Show. I am here today with our marketing guru in the Newport Beach office, Kristal Docter.


DEBBIE: Kristal and I are going to be talking about several new initiatives that are happening right now at Coldwell Banker – things that I think are super game-changing and brand new to the industry. So, maybe a series, Kristal, is what we’ll put together!

KRISTAL: Yes, absolutely. On all of the innovations that Coldwell Banker has happening for [our] agents and clients.

DEBBIE: That’s good! So, I am obsessed with Alexa. There’s something new out called “Agent X” – Tell me what it is.

KRISTAL: Agent X is a platform that allows agents to communicate with their schedule, with the market. It is an innovative technology that you can actually ask: “Hey Alexa, what’s happening in the market today?” And it will give you market intelligence information.

DEBBIE: So it’s kind of like artificial intelligence – it’s like A.I. right?

KRISTAL: Yes, it’s like a voice assistant, really.

DEBBIE: That’s what I like. So I could wake up and be getting ready in the morning and say: “Hey Alexa, tell me what my schedule is today.” And she’ll tell me.

KRISTAL: Yes, it will tell you. You can ask it: “Hey Alexa, what is this property over here in Corona del Mar worth?” and it will tell you what it is listed for, or what it’s worth.

DEBBIE: Really? So I could be driving in my car, and I could say: “Hey Alexa, tell me what 717 Poppy is on the market for.” And it will tell me.

KRISTAL: Absolutely. It will tell you the price

DEBBIE: I love this.

KRISTAL: It’s very cool. It’s hands-free. You don’t have to have your laptop, you don’t have to have your phone, you simply ask it a question and it will give you the information.

(Video of Agent X – Real Estate Voice Assistant)

DEBBIE: Do we know how to get there yet?

KRISTAL: We download the app – the Agent X App on your computer and on your phone.

DEBBIE: Okay! I haven’t tried it yet, have you?

KRISTAL: I have, yep. It’s really easy to set up an account. You use your credentials, you sign in, you set up an account, and it will access all of your information that you allow it to access.

DEBBIE: Love it. I’m going to try that later today.

K: Awesome.