Debbie Lewandowski
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Debbie Lewandowski

Newport Beach Manager
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Debbie Lewandowski is the Manager at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Newport Beach.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is number one in sales of luxury homes (over $1 million). The Newport Beach Office, which has been managed by Debbie since 2015, is the number one selling office in Newport Beach.

An intuitive and effective leader, Debbie's 20+ years of strategic experience provides agents in her office with the insight, logic, and creative perspective - aligned with the fundamental drivers of business value - that turns market place challenges into viable growth opportunities.

Debbie's hands-on approach in day-to-day management, and her passion for raising the bar of the luxury real estate experience for both consumers and agents, have enabled her to successfully integrate brand strategy into online and offline messages which foster the success of the Newport Beach Office. Her expertise is combining aggressive growth strategies with strong creative & critical problem solving applications. Debbie is a seasoned professional of luxury real estate with more than 20 years of effective leadership experience. She is a persuasive industry speaker and has held motivational, skill building workshops & training seminars throughout the nation.

"Since Debbie took over the Newport Beach Office, I noticed right away the office environment changed with lots of energy, motivation and forward thinking. Her focus is in education and prospecting. She is clear on goal setting and agents’ needs. Debbie is proactive, pragmatic and encourages agents to meet their goals - financially, personally, and beyond. Every office meeting is about ways of doing business effectively and efficiently in pursuit of prospecting, in particular for luxury homes. She inspires agents to be informed of their marketplace and how to be in front of our competition. She is truly a luxury home vanguard."

  -Ali, Colleague

"Debbie has a gift for lighting up a flame within you. She is knowledgeable, she cares, and she follows through. I know that I am that much closer to reaching my goals as a real estate agent because I have Debbie on my team. There is nobody like her. She is absolutely amazing."

  -Katrina, Colleague

"Debbie Lewandowski is an expert at sales management. Her ideas and management practices are essential to getting results. Debbie helped me stay the course; and kept me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing. She has introduced me to excellent resources and processes, helped me minimize my weaknesses and leverage my strengths. The knowledge she has shared is priceless! I enthusiastically recommend Debbie Lewandowski as an effective partner in the every critical area of sales, and sales management. Taking my business to the next level by having a business plan in advance are things she has taught me that I will be forever be thankful for."

  -Dorys, Client

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Debbie for over 15 years! I have observed her development into being the hardest working and most successful Manager in Newport Beach! Debbie is always fine tuning her skills to lead her agents to the next level."

  -Jan, Colleague

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